The Map Is Not The Territory

Stupid question because I already know the answer, but have you ever sat there looking at someone thinking, “Why?” You’re walking down the street where a mutton-dressed-as-lamb figure passes by, causing you to question, “Why did they wear that?” You’re sitting in a...
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When Soft Values Drive Hard Results

From the boardroom to the gym, awareness of your thinking, speaking and actions can be the difference between failure and success. Being aware and knowing where you lie in space is one of the fundamental priorities for anyone wanting success – it isn’t a magic bullet,...
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When Life Hands You Lemons – Mind Mobility

In fitness, we talk about having mobility - being able to move our joints and body through different ranges of motion to suit everyday activity. If you concentrate too much on one aspect of fitness, like developing strength or endurance, typically you’ll limit the...
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Greg Sellar

Greg’s not sure what happened when he turned 40. It wasn’t a mid-life crisis, because there was no crisis, he just thought, “enough”. He’d had enough knowing that the upcoming year was going to be a carbon copy of the last. He knew his life was good, but he wanted phenomenal. If the next 40 years were going to be different, his cage needed some serious rattling.

Everyone accused him of always sitting on the fence. He had thoughts – good, bad and ugly – but kept them to himself at the risk of rocking the boat, being confrontational, or god forbid, disliked. He ended up doing stuff he didn’t like, with people he tolerated for money, and usually less money than he deserved.

He worked for other people despite the word ‘boss’ never resonating, never imagining someone else ruling his time and effort. He was happy to work with people, but working for them left him feeling bigger stages awaited. The idea of a commute, offices and rules seemed to be written for people who were happy to accept them. That’s not him.

Greg worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, presenting to more than half a million people in 55 countries on behalf of companies and sponsors including Nike. Regardless of his achievements, he had recurring questions about what life was going to be like for him at 50, or even 60 and beyond. Would he be doing the same thing, and if not, what would his future look like?

In the spirit of “enough”, he hacked his status quo. He literally turned his life upside down. After moving back to Sydney following 17 years in London, Greg studied coaching, leadership and mentoring, focusing on neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP. He took everything he had learnt from his work, travels and the extraordinary people he’d met and decided to act.

His speaking, workshops, coaching and products are the result. No more saying yes to please others, no more beating around the bush, and definitely no more under-valuing his experience. He’s truth telling as he understands it – compulsively, immediately and repeatedly.


As the International Presenter of the Year in 2010 and a Nike-sponsored athlete, Greg knows about high performance for the average person, because he is one.


As the International Presenter of the Year in 2010 and a Nike-sponsored athlete, Greg knows about high performance for the average person, because he is one.

Coming from a sports background that didn’t involve ‘corporate speak’, Greg isn’t interested in delivering keynotes on weasel words – those broad, generic terms that are fashionable with people wanting to sound grown up. Words favoured by workplace executives and management teams, interpreted by ‘experts’ and diarised daily on Linkedin – leadership, change, disruption, productivity, innovation, influence, engagement…blah, blah, blah. Whilst all these qualities are necessary in business and life, behind each resides one common denominator – you.

Knowing people hate non-status quo behaviour and are creatures of habit, Greg’s interest is in you – the person. As an executive, manager, employee, partner, parent or individual, if you want things to be different, you have to get over yourself first. We are the number one thing getting in the way or our own success. When we work, we’re on fire, but when we don’t, things combust. Sort yourself out physically and emotionally, start showing up the way you’re supposed to in business and life, and from what Greg understands, everything gets better.

Whilst there is definite appeal in the warm, fuzzy feeling evoked by motivational sound-bytes stuck together, it can be a ‘dead cat bounce’ – an admittedly un-PC stock market term for that momentary blip of upward movement, followed quickly by the slide back to normality. It’s not what Greg’s about.

Paradigms can’t be shifted in a 60-minute speech, regardless of what others say. If people came, saw and conquered every time they heard someone speak, lasting results would be better. Greg’s philosophy in his speaking is to hold a mirror up to ourselves in a fun, self-deprecating way, so we can increase awareness next time the proverbial hits the fan. If you’re aware, you can compensate and adapt. If you see the humour in how stupidly we behave sometimes, maybe next time you’ll find a way not to do it. As the going gets tough, the aware get going.

With his background as a Nike-sponsored athlete, having trained over half a million people globally, and his breadth of experience delivering in 55 countries, Greg is uniquely placed to hack long-held misconceptions and myths around mindset, performance and wellness to energise your next conference or meeting.


Increasing awareness and providing strategy is key to boosting productivity and improving morale.


Workplaces provide the ultimate study into human psychology and performance.  They are giant social experiments where we drop all ages, socio-economic statuses, cultural differences and thinking biases into one big melting pot.

Almost every workplace displays the full gamut of leadership styles, personalities and coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, companies treat all workers the same in terms of response, feedback, motivators and values. It can work unbelievably well when the mix and strategy are right, but can be disastrous when we’re way off base.

Getting you and your teams on the same page is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Increasing awareness and providing strategy is key to boosting productivity and improving morale.

That’s what Greg does and will do for your business.

If you’re looking for more – more in your life and your career, then this 30-day program is ready to hack.

If you’re looking for more  – more in your life and your career, then this 30-day program is ready to hack. If you want to think better, be healthier and drop unhelpful baggage, then give it a go.

The program consists of daily activities for 30 days, meaning a commitment to watch a 5-minute video and then hitting the LIFE HACK ‘hack book’ to complete your daily activities (designed to take around 25 minutes). That’s a 30-minute investment for 30 days to change your life. It’s worth it, and you’re worth it.

Week 1 – Awareness Week: stocktaking where we’re at, asking what we want and identifying why we aren’t ‘there’ yet

Week 2 – Mindset Week: understanding why we’re all so afraid to fail, where our fixed mindsets come from, and how we can silence that inner critic

Week 3 – Health Week: highlighting what happens when you don’t look after yourself and how to find the balance to eat right, sleep better and avoid ticking time bombs

Week 4 – Performance Week: stopping you thinking it’s OK to rock up with your C-game and showing you what it takes to reach your potential

Week 5 – Momentum Week: providing strategy beyond the program to keep the wins going. It’s great to have made changes, but your success means having to hold on to them

Upon purchasing the program, you will receive access to the LIFE HACK You Tube Members Channel where you can view the 30 videos on any device, including bonus update material from Greg.  You’ll also receive access to the LIFE HACK Community Facebook Page and a downloadable PDF of the LIFE HACK ‘Hack Book’ for your daily practice.



Amazing Products


Formulated with Biochemist Henry Osiecki, Complex Greens uses freeze-dried whole plant powder for maximum nutrient & fibre retention. Take daily for detoxifying + alkalising and for optimal long-term wellbeing.

  • Gluten + Sugar free with raw, freeze-dried, organic ingredients
  • Great tasting, highly nutritious energy powerhouse
  • Take to start your morning engine or as post workout fuel
  • 80+ ingredient formula
  • Suitable for vegans, diabetics + coeliacs
  • Low Gi + low calorie



This protein Powder uses the best quality certified organic pea protein isolate sourced from environmentally friendly Yellow Peas. There is no use of any harsh chemicals to extract the protein (as used in powders with above 80% isolate). The Sea Mineral Complex (which includes calcium) is derived from sustainably harvested red seaweed & Vitamins D + K are also certified organic plant sourced. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Unflavoured.

  • Gluten + Sugar free with raw, organic ingredients
  • Free from harmful additives, allergens and fillers
  • Added essential multi-minerals, calcium, vitamins D + K & more
  • For muscle & bone strength
  • Contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs) & high levels of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)- Isoleucine, Leucine & Valine
  • Suitable for vegans, diabetics + coeliacs
  • Low Gi + low calorie



Ougies have designed a Gratitude Journal to help make expressing gratitude a daily habit. Developing a new habit takes time and consistency, so Ougies have designed a great looking and easy to fill out journal that sets your positive intention for the day ahead.

Some of the many benefits of a daily gratitude habit include:

  • increased long term wellbeing
  • greater sense of positivity
  • strengthened relationships
  • better sleep quality
  • stronger immune systems,
  • lower joint pain and blood pressure


Cost: $29.99

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