The vital shock to kill complacency and slash indifference.

Mindset | Motivation | Momentum

Hack the Status Quo is about doing something – now.

If you or your team are complacent, blindly hoping for change to magically transpire, Greg’s keynote on hacking the status quo dropkicks the inanimate and the indifferent.

Defined as ‘the existing state of affairs’, the status quo is the root of evil. In business and life, with the pace of change pummelling us from every direction, if you’re not moving forwards, you’re not just stagnant, you’re actually moving backwards.

Whether they know it or not, businesses are playing it safe. Everyone is covering their own ass to avoid potential ‘failure’, doing nothing in the process. They’re clinging onto their current cash cows, assuming everything is going to be the same for them in the future, which is both dangerous and ridiculous. Hacking the status quo blasts the idea that what got us to this point is going to keep us in our OK-space in the future.

Greg speaks to ‘The 3 Ms’ – Mindset, Motivation and Momentum. From his 25 years in the health and fitness industry, Greg has heard every excuse there is. He understands the factors that suck the life force from companies, preventing action and strangling competitive edges.


This keynote presentation will help develop:

  • performance, replacing words with action
  • mindsets, boosting effort with growth mindsets
  • confidence, minimising the fear of failure
  • honesty, improving communication at all levels
  • enjoyment, reminding people why they’re in the game

    Wired for Wonder explores polarity, contrasting systems, states, ideas and worlds. Greg gave a talk entitled ‘Hack the Status Quo’ and the feedback was sensational! I loved working with Greg, he was so self-sufficient, professional and inspiring!

    Sarah Nally

    Wired for Wonder Producer, Commonwealth Bank & Bankwest


    Hustling the dark-horse generation to reclaim their mojo.

    Leadership | Perspective | Action

    Gen Xers are searching for a more liveable life.

    We’re tired, overworked, stressed and seeking balance. We live in a world where one in three of us hate our work, 35% of us fear failure and 4/5 of us loathe our bodies. Unless you live in Switzerland or Denmark, all of us think some part of our lives suck, affecting the way we work, live and how we think about our lives and those in it.

    We need reminding that contrary to thinking and behaving like time is running out, the best is yet to come. The feeling that time has run out for us is just that, a feeling. It’s not true and it’s time to tap back into what makes us great as a generation and to remind everyone that without us, both end of the spectrum would be lost.

    Gen Xers were responsible for Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube and Apple. We are Silicon Valley, politics, publishing and fashion. Our ambition and entrepreneurship were bigger than any other generation and we have delivered in our time.

    The cars we buy, the food we eat, the movies we watch and the tunes we dance to are all directly produced or indirectly influenced by Gen Xers. It’s time for us to step out from being the dark-horse demographic and reclaim our title as ‘The Great Generation’. This keynote is a reminder that we set trends we know today’s youth will follow.

    This keynote presentation will help develop:

    • leadership, looking for new and better ways
    • agility, keeping one step ahead of the game
    • perspective, remembering the value of contribution
    • resilience, bouncing back from setbacks
    • action, doing things to create a positive future

    Greg Sellar is a world-class speaker, coach, lifestyle and fitness expert.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Greg in numerous capacities over the past 15 years, and he is truly in a league of his own. He has exceptional skills and character, and his courses, presentations and content always deliver.

    Jay Blahnik

    Director Health & Fitness Technologies, Apple Inc.


    In life, there exists a gap between what we know to be good for us and what we actually do. The ‘Knowing-Doing Gap’ can be a seismic chasm that drives us to destructive thinking and behaviour. Lives get lost in the gap because we’re fed a million strategies to be better in life but struggle to connect the dots.

    When presented with change philosophies, most can be forgiven thinking it’s all common sense. There’s not too much in there you haven’t heard before or is revolutionary. That’s where the problem starts. We oversimplify concepts and treat ourselves badly when things don’t stick. If it’s so simple, why aren’t we doing more of it? Why, when we need to do our best, do we often do our worst?

    Greg explores the neuroscience of behaviour change and speaks on the negative psychological and physical effects of the knowing-doing gap widening. He blueprints closing the gap via his 10-step ‘Mind The Gap’ journey, providing a reference for reframing negative head trash and executing.

    This keynote presentation will help develop:

    • commitment, enforcing personal breakthroughs
    • innovation, freeing individuals to thrive
    • acceptance, being OK with the present
    • clarity, simplifying the external noise of expectation
    • accountability, facilitating individual ownership

      Greg has presented at our Women in Leadership Summits and is a fantastic, engaging presenter who understands and speaks to his audience with enthusiasm, clarity and humour!

      Not only is his material relevant, the delivery of the message for the audience is outstanding, and he really lifts the energy of a conference. I would highly recommend Greg to take part in talks, workshops and facilitation – he is versatile and can tailor his message to suit any audience. 

      Louise Ebbrell

      Conference Producer, Liquid Learning

      The science of high performance for outstanding achievement.

      Execution | Capability | Achievement 

      What is performance and what does it take to create outstanding achievement?

      There are parallel success criteria between physical and mental performance. Each parameter defines our personal and professional achievement. High performance is the direct link between our internal thoughts and external actions and is much more than just getting things done. It’s not just about the what, it’s about the how.

      At Nike, Greg mentored athletes on the 3 E’s – Execution, Efficiency and Expression. It takes practice to be skilled at something, and even the best never stop learning. Once we get competent, we economise and streamline processes to expend minimum energy for maximum output. Finally, as we approach skill mastery, we expand creativity, individuality and flair.

      Greg directs the need for businesses and individuals to flip their approach to performance, having lost sight of the journey from ‘loser to legend’. He suggests we’re so concerned with immediate gratification in getting ‘there’, we forget the sweat involved. He is concerned that we’re all bursting with appeals for creativity and imagination having forgone the movement necessary to implement. We’re talking and wishing our businesses and lives away, underperforming by definition.

      Performance Deconstructed is a back to basics approach for you and your team, understanding that words mean nothing without action, and that outstanding actions are only possible through consistent effort.


      This keynote presentation will help develop:

      • decision-making, expediting reaction and process
      • strategy, providing smarter planning and greater insight
      • efficiency, eliminating waste and streamlining process
      • competency, presenting a framework for good practice
      • implementation, promoting action over words

      Greg has the ability to connect with his audience like an old friend.

      His energy and smile create a sense of trust that allow him to deliver some hard truths in a way that inspires. He makes you laugh, but when the chuckles die down, you’re all left thinking “yeah… maybe I should do something different”. He’s entertaining and effective.

      Colin Fink

      Author, 'Speakership'

      The power to prevail for a reason, not a season

      Health | Wellbeing | Lifestyle

      What’s the point of running a tight ship if you can’t run up the stairs? Why bother hitting KPIs if you’re too tired to hit the gym? How can you chase bonuses when you can’t chase your kids?

      Scarily, 3 out of 4 Australians will be obese by 2025 despite our obsession with weight loss, a growing number of healthy options and greater purchasing power for fitness. Why? Because as humans we’re inherently programmed to look for the easiest way out. We elicit resistance in pursuits that don’t provide immediate gratification in favour of long-term growth, health or integrity. It’s time to stop the rot.

      Fit for Purpose is Greg using his ex-Nike trainer status and 25-year history in the health and fitness industry to set the record straight. His sole mission is to produce corporate workers and consumers who are fit for purpose – less stressed, more energetic and living healthier lifestyles.

      Fed up with the media-led myths and misconceptions, tired of programs feeding false promises to an unsuspecting consumer, Greg provides simple tweaks that make a massive difference to wellbeing and by proxy, individual and collective performance and productivity.

      Greg outlines simple ‘health hacks’ to evaluate fit for purpose status. Recognise where you are and where you need to be to buck disturbing future trends and lay foundations for increased wellbeing.

      (Box out)

      This keynote presentation will help develop:

      • awareness, making better health choices
      • knowledge, what works and what doesn’t
      • productivity, improving focus and clarity
      • energy levels, working and playing smarter
      • community, transforming attitudes and culture

        Greg was the closing keynote presenter at our recent Jim’s Fencing Australia & NZ conference. He was fantastic to work.

        It was always going to be challenging keeping a room full of fencing contractors engaged on a Sunday morning, however Greg rose to the challenge and brought a jolt of energy into the room. The feedback was that Greg’s presentation was inspiring on both a personal and business level, and that delegates were left thinking about key points well after the conference had finished.

        Catherine Hayes

        Divisional Manager, Jim’s Fencing Australia & NZ