Everyone needs a coach. Even the best at what they do need help and perspective from outside their world.

Greg helps you explore possibilities and keeps you on track. Throughout the program, he’ll also hold you accountable for the false stories you’ve convinced yourself to be true.

This is as close as you’ll get to having a personal coach without having to pay expensive hourly rates. With a simple one-off payment, you get coaching strategies, hundreds of hacks and a step-by-step blueprint for a better way. It’s tens of thousands of dollars-worth of learning packaged in one 30-day program.

There’s no guess-work, just solid education and action that makes progress and success achievable.


As an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach, Greg works with clients to reframe and shape future careers and personal growth.

Everyone needs a coach and even the very best in all fields have sounding boards to help explore future possibilities. Whether it’s Business, Leadership, Executive or Personal Coaching, Greg listens to help people connect the dots for a better way forward.

Coaching is not mentoring. Greg’s sessions are advice-free and non-judgmental – he listens to needs and wants before helping clients formulate actions based on their life. There is no pre-packaged solution to any problem and Greg knows that through proper listening and powerful questioning, clients are able to reach the root of many challenges faced. It’s there that a positive way forward appears.

What To Expect

  • goal clarity

  • thinking and behaviour awareness

  • prioritised actions

  • accountability

  • support

Greg’s coaching sessions operate as live meetings where possible, or over Skype and Facetime when not in the same city. Sessions may be booked as a one-off experience of 60 minutes, or to achieve the highest traction to goals, as packages of three or six sessions. Options for on-going weekly or monthly support are also available.

I highly recommend Greg as an expert in performance and mindset coaching. I have worked with Greg on a number of projects, having co-facilitated in delivering team programs. His professionalism in preparation and delivery is outstanding. Greg’s style of delivery encourages people to be their best, keeping things ‘real’ for you and approaching situations in a way that entices creativity. He takes time to ensure people are engaged in who they want to be.

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Leadership Development Trainer, Facilitator and PCC-accredited Coach